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Hailey Gentilini   hailey.gentilini@icloud.com
04-11-2022 9:47:52 AM CST
I am looking for a market goat for 4H. Please let me know if you have any available (970) 376-3935

Genevieve Williams   rodeoandlibby@yahoo.com
04-01-2022 5:44:40 PM CST
Hi! I am looking for a few boar goats (male or female) don’t care about the age but I am not looking to spend a lot of money on them. Please email me at rodeoandlibby@yahoo.com Thank you!

James L Robinson   Robinsonfav@hotmail.com
02-25-2021 5:32:05 PM CST
I'm looking for a show goat for this year and a breeding pair for future breeding can you let me know if you have anything right now 719 928 1078

Valerie Remick   Mhorselady@hotmail.com
06-19-2019 5:38:46 PM CST
Looking for a couple older does to breed this coming year. If you have any or know of any please let me know.

Linda Morgan
03-15-2019 9:22:59 AM CST
I'm looking for a goat for my son for 4H l please let me know if you have any 7196801998

Linda Morgan
03-15-2019 9:22:58 AM CST
I'm looking for a goat for my son for 4H l please let me know if you have any 7196801998

Linda Morgan
03-15-2019 9:22:56 AM CST
I'm looking for a goat for my son for 4H l please let me know if you have any 7196801998

Jim   Jimramirezray@ yahoo.com
01-02-2019 7:08:45 PM CST
Looking for a 4-h buckling

Vernon   Vernonpot@hotmail.com
09-23-2017 1:10:52 PM CST
Need a buck if you have . Price please

Gail Bleidt
07-31-2017 1:36:46 PM CST
Very interested in a young buck of you have any more for sale besides those that are listed as Sold. Please contact me at Cranevalleyranch@yahoo.com.

Ross Kane   rlkane@q.com
07-16-2017 12:34:10 PM CST
looking for a buckling to breed in November want a top notch buck to improve my herd 303-210-9193 best way to get ahold of me text or call

Charlotte Squires   kcsquires@gmail.com
06-28-2017 9:56:54 AM CST
In search of a registered buck, do you have any available?

Twister Alley Ranch   twisteralleyranch@live.com
04-24-2017 2:17:02 PM CST
Hi, We are interested in the buck you have listed that is the son of the Champion. We have 62 does and are in need of new blood. We have 3 breeding bucks. We are running blood lines from Farmer Stock Exchange. Can you please contact me.

natalie reynolds   nataliereynolds67@gmail.com
03-13-2017 10:44:10 AM CST
Hello. We are interested in a boer doe or wether born after Jan 1, 2017. Can you send me pricing? Thanks.

Becky   beckymbowen@gmail.com
03-06-2017 4:49:36 PM CST
Hello my daughter is looking for a buck for her herd, do you still have the ones you have listed on your website available?

Cindy   hankncindy@gmail.com
02-26-2017 4:39:05 PM CST
Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a registered buck for use to improve my herd and for future 4-H prospects. Do you still have KNR Full Frontal and KNR All Stacked Up for sale? Thank you,

Erica Ashby   ericaashby@tds.net
01-16-2017 9:48:43 AM CST
Hi , Sorry I don't have any does right now for sale,I do however have one mature buck and 3 bucklings . Thanks

01-15-2017 9:47:50 PM CST
I am interested in 10 young fulblood girls. What is the best way to know the availability and price?

Terri L Bryant   bryant1159@gmail.com
01-05-2017 9:49:12 AM CST
Hi Erica - we have a small herd of goats and want to expand with the addition of a new buck we just purchased that was bred by MM Boer out of Ft Collins. Is Smokin Hot Codi still available and if yes what are you asking? What lines will you have springs babies coming out of and what will you be asking for weaned doelings? We also raise dairy goats and test all of our goats for CAE. Do you test your Boers? I appreciate your time. Thanks. Terri

Mikell Monson   mikell.monson@gmail.com
12-17-2016 6:01:44 PM CST
Hi I am looking for some does to get a small herd started.

10-09-2016 11:49:22 AM CST
Sorry I don't rent my show goats out for weed removal . You might try the sale barn for some cheap goats.

10-08-2016 12:48:16 PM CST

09-25-2016 4:42:42 PM CST
Sorry Tark I do not do wethers anymore

Tark Rush
09-25-2016 11:34:09 AM CST
Do you have summer goat wethers being born I am always looking for about 10.

Marcia L Bickel   twinkletoes04@hotmail.com
07-19-2016 4:37:21 PM CST
Hello, Just getting into boer goats and am looking for a buck. Was wondering if you have anything available? Looking to add thickness and depth to my girls. We are starting to show throughout MT. Thanks, Marcia Bickel

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