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  Good Looks Two might be a bit on the fat side but she can still reach up to those leaves !!!!

 Little Harmony enjoying the goats and sitting on Sugar



Now Bomber , just do as I tell you and you will do good ....ok

He went on to win over all res grand champion .so I guess he took Clark's advice !!!!


If I could just get a little nearer !!!!!

An Alpine goat at the Wyoming state fair  2009

Hey Girls look at those Bucks  !!!!!

 Fun at the Grand Junction Fair!  one little goat is about to get a yellow ribbon snack He is also probably going to get his butt kicked later !!

I was at the double barrel clasic goat show in Rifle this weekend and could not resist taking this picture !Do you love your goat this much !!!! Many thanks to Carol McNeal for all her hard work for making the show possible !




Just having fun !!!  

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 Binky Thinks he's a lover in these shades !  Especially after the neighbour kids have given him a bath !


  Hey who are you looking at !!

 I think Binky' in love !

   This is Gladis she is a bit of a hussey

I think it must be the sun glasses

   I think this girls got herself into a bit of a pickle !


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I couldn't believe my eyes when we saw these people unloading their goats out of the trunk of their car!! good job they were only babies !beats hauling a trailer !!I would not to have to be to one to clean out the car after !!!!

 Borroco thinks he's the bees knees in his new outfit,(his owner does a lot of hunting )

 I just had to include cotton jumping for joy he's so cute  !!

we thought this little guy was so cute ,my husband called him the "flying nun !!!

This little guy is a la muncha cross ,I thought you would enjoy this picture !!We put little boxes with a light on top in there pens so they can crawl in and keep warm.




Here are my helpers ,Falisha and Dakota !!  they were supposed to milking "Gladis "but I think they got thirsty before they finished  !!These guys help me around the ranch, Dakota is very into goats and is learning as he goes . He works around the place for food for his goats ,I think one day Dakota will make a great Goat breeder ,he has great persistance and a willingness to learn and he is only 10 years old !.






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