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  Kickin A Ranch - About us

Please come and visit us at:

 21478 Fruit Growers Rd, Austin, Colorado ,8 miles from Delta ,about 40 miles NE from Grand Junction . 

Hi, my name is Erica Ashby and my husband Clark and I have  lived in Austin, Colorado for 117 years .We have been raising boer goats for 11 years .We started out with around 50 percentage does and a full blood buck and bred for the meat market. After a while we switched to showing and sold most of the herd and bought a few really nice show stock .

Thank you to all the people we have met at the goat shows that helped us  and the friends we made especially John Stolz, Gloria and Greg Floyd, Katie and Mathew Sinclair, Natalie and Buck  Pruitt, Spencer and  Mellisa Russell  Monte and LeeAnn Melanson and my newest friends Tawnya and Gary Springer,  Carol and Mike Badding, Madessa Hoffer-Dye and most recently Tandy Crawford ,Minda Witt and Racheal and her Mom Rebecca  who I now consider my good friends .  

We aim to  breed the best show goats we can and strive to bring in the best genetics from all over the united states . Over the years we have acquired many big and Ennobled names in our genetics and through careful selections  have now got some excelent off spring . We  purchased a show stopper buck from Nebraska Boer Goats in 2009  .He is a wide Load buck  called Quality Load, he won Jr Champion at the Colorado state fair 2009 and has gone on to win four Overall Grand champions and three Res Grand Champions .He has 139 points and is  now Ennobled ABGA and IBGA .Many of his offspring have gone on to win over the  years and we have some lined up for the show ring for 2017 that have won in numerous shows ...they are  hot to trot !!!! We  have also  introduce some great genetics from Primo Proffit Maker, Res Jnr Champion in the ABGA Natonals 2012  Tunami, Strategic Power,  2 Dox Luger, JCKN Incredible Hunk, and Westfall's Classic Cash  .

The second buck we purchased was from  Jason Coin, he is a young buck that has already proved himself in the show  ring and has 80 points and 50 unassigned , he is now Ennobled . He has had some awesome kids this year and we have gotten some awesome kids this year out of our  new buck Westfall's Classic Cash . This buck is very different in  style, I think he will fill in what I have missing for this years show crop .! 

We Have 80 acres , 51 in alfalfa ,the rest in pastures .In the winter we bring in the does that are ready to kid  into a nice 8 stall  horse barn my husband built for me. The girls  go in there when they have  their babies .I am  going to kid out the end of  Begining of November ,end of December '17 and the end of  March and April 2018.   




 If you would like to start a beginners herd I strongly recommend a fullblood buck and a few percentage does, the reason being ,if you are new to this it can be over whelming if you have to many to look after. My  first year I had a herd of around 50 bred does and had over a 100 babies inside two weeks, let me tell you IT WAS NOT FUN !!! also its good not to have to much money in your herd until you know what your doing and have had some practice .  

There is a lot more to caring for your goats than just putting them out to pasture and hoping for the best ! There is a lot of information on the internet at your disposal, Just type Boer Goat and what your problem is eg: boer goat kidding.

I have found that "Goat people " are very friendly and willing to share their knowledge with you. My husband and I have made some really good friends and are looking forward to meeting up with them this year at the shows .

I recommend that you subscribe to the "Goat Rancher "you can go on line to there is always a lot of information ,tips and stories in there, I found it very helpful.

Please call for infomation about our goats for sale, some  have been posted and you can look on the for sale page, others may not be on there yet .For all you commercial breeders out there that would like help in selling your meat goats go to   (MSMGA) is a great Association to join .

Our contact number is 1 970 234 9229

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy it ! If you have any comments please visit the message board and post your comments .Please feel free to e mail me if you have any questions at







     Kickin A Ranch    21478 Fruit Growers Rd  Austin, CO 81410

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