DR Susie Hirsch DVM



        Dr Susie Hirsch working out in the field                     The new veterinary  facility at 17800 Hanson Rd, Cedaredge, CO

"Goat Vets" are hard to find ! For someone to have Knowledge ,compassion,and be there when you need them is a rare find .

I found Dr Susie Hirsch a few months ago by chance and I am so happy  now  I have a vet that understands how important they are to me .Some people regard them as "just goats" I love my goats like one would love a dog or cat, they have their own unique personalities.

Dr Susie has treated several of my goats ,one baby in particular I found near to death one cold morning laying in a heated baby hut .Her body temp was only 95f ,her breathing laboured and she would not suck .I rushed her to the Clinic in Cedaredge and Dr Susie gave  her a 5 day course of Naxcel .I took her home and warmed her body core up with a heating pad and blankets .After her tempreture got up  to 102f I tubed her a few times with small amounts of milk . It was touch and go for 3 days  but now she is fine .

I would recommend Dr Susie especailly if you have goats .We are doing a flush and some AI's the last week in July at the Kickin A Ranch and Dr Susie will be there to help out .If you are interested in helping and seeing how its done or have a goat that you would like AI'ed or flushed please let me know and call 970 234 9229 .


     Kickin A Ranch    21478 Fruit Growers Rd  Austin, CO 81410

                1 970 234- 9229    e-mail: ericaashby@tds.net