Hoof Triming Tips

I meet a lot of people that have just got into breeding goats and do not know how to trim .It is very important to trim correctly especially for the show ring !! You will need to trim their hoofs every 2 to 3 weeks as they tend to get fed more as a show goat.This really is not hard on the young ones unless they toe out or in ,in that case you will need to do some corrective triming .If you leave your older goats to graze all summer you will notice that when you go to trim their feet some  will have long heals ,some people are afraid to trim these and that results in them 'leaning over " if the toes are allowed to grow to long some older goats will go back on their pasterns and sink down .Sometimes you can get them back upright by triming correctly .To start with you will need the proper tools .I use a flat disposible 1" blade and Clippers .pictured below

Most that are  new to this will be afraid to cut to much off .I start at the heal ,if its long (2" is long ) and cut from the back to the front maybe a 1/2 " with the nippers ,then go to one side then the other to level the hoof floor .If the inside is lower than the out side just keep on triming  the out side until it is level .Sometimes this may take 2 or 3 times .The front and the back of the hoof should be about the same lengh with the front sometimes being a little longer .The hoof should be level and flat from one side to the other .see pictures below .

                                          The blade is very important as it allows  to get the hoof really flat !If you have a show goat that toes out cut the outsite shorter ,from the outsite to the inside go short long short long so that the hoof leans in .this should help correct the fault ,it may take a while, a few weeks so work on the problen a while before the show .Also do the opposite when they lean in ,Long short long short from the out side in .Yes I know its confusing it took me  a while to figure it out !!!

If they are low on their pasterns try timing the toes short at least the same lengh from front to back if not a little shorter .

Some times I come across a goat that is low on their pasterns and their toes spread out at the back more often ,try timming them like I said then duck tape their toes together ,..yes I know it sounds silly but it works !!! Also give them more minerals I find sprinkling some Ranch-Way minerals over their grain helps and you will begin to see a difference in a couple of weeks .I keep the duck tape on until the pasterns come up ,the toes tend to splay out if the inside of the hoofs are shorter than the outside .TIP : Wait until it rains before you trim, the hoofs are a lot softer on the older goats !!.if you happen to nick the hoof and it bleeds wipe the hoof and put a dash of super glue on it .If you have a question please give me a call !! Glad to help .



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