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Howard   howard@lightheartedranch.com
02-24-2013 7:37:34 PM CST
Will you be selling the doe kid of Alamosa and Quality Load that is on your website?

Pam   pamelah@juno.com
01-14-2013 4:47:49 PM CST
Erica- I am looking for a show doe or two for my granddaughter as well as a bred FB nanny. Please let me know if you have anything available.

Evelyn Simon
10-17-2012 9:11:48 PM CST
I meant to write 'son of Main Event' not 'sire of' . oops!

Evelyn Simon
10-17-2012 9:07:28 PM CST
Hi Erica! Evelyn here from Hagerman,Idaho. I just took an AI class at the ADGA convention in Boise. I'm trying to find photos or information on 2DOX Main Expo (sire of Main Event) Do you have any photos of him, or know where Frankie Carillo is? I see on ABGA he's listed as owner

jckn   ken.nelson@hotmail.com
10-07-2012 11:09:39 PM CST
Was going to, but is was snowing and didn't know how to get him back to CO. The buck is the best that I've seen for a long time and he is bred right, should throw some real nice kids. I think Main Event and 2 Dox/ Able Acres is one of the best available. We are flushing ours that way this Fall.

10-07-2012 9:27:31 PM CST
Hi Did you bid on him to?

jckn   ken.nelson@hotmail.com
10-07-2012 10:44:57 AM CST
coin/nelson yuma co

10-07-2012 9:55:09 AM CST
Thank you, who are you ?

10-06-2012 10:12:06 PM CST
Good buy today, really liked the buck

Jessie St.John   jcsmorgans@hotmail.com
07-22-2012 8:40:01 PM CST
Hi Ericka, I see that Shirazz is consigned to a sale in september but would you be willing to sell him privately. We are from Canada so the necessary blood work to import a buck makes it not as easy to buy thru a sale. Cant wait to hear from you. Thanks so much :)

05-13-2012 8:27:07 PM CST
Don't forget to post your phone number or e mail!!!...thanks

05-12-2012 4:58:18 PM CST
Yes Larry I have some goats for sale,Call me on 970 234 9229

05-12-2012 11:43:46 AM CST
WE are looking for 2-3 goats do you have any for sale right now? Thank You!

David   Canjifire@yahoo.com
05-01-2012 12:09:52 AM CST
My daughters are looking for some4-H weathers. Do you have some that are ready for sale? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

David   Canjifire@yahoo.com
05-01-2012 12:09:52 AM CST
My daughters are looking for some4-H weathers. Do you have some that are ready for sale? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Kim   k.buckinghorseranch.reid@gmail.com
03-19-2012 3:11:33 PM CST
Viewed and loved your website. I am interested in raising and purchasing goats. Please contact me. Thx Kim

03-18-2012 1:54:09 PM CST
Hi Joy , So sorry to hear about your babies ..how sad ! It could be a number of things ,Did you give valbazen (white wormer) when they were pregnant ? It also could be Clamidia and STD which I understand is not hard to cure with antibiotics, (ask your vet) .If it had just been one it might have been another goat hit her in the tummy but as there were a lot it would have to be something they caught or were givin like the wormer . Thats all I can think of .Have you asked your vet ?

Joy Ellison   joyellison63@gmail.com
03-18-2012 10:49:40 AM CST
HELP, allot of my does were kidding with one healthy baby and the others were still born. They looked like they had been gone for some time.

valerie lewis   valeriemontrose@msn.com
10-24-2011 8:58:03 PM CST
Hi Erica, your web is wonderful, my horse is doig well his lump was cancer so hopefully it will not grow back. would love to visit and bring a friend, have been in the uk to hold my 3month old great nephew

Evelyn Simon   simon_boers@q.com
08-14-2011 6:18:31 PM CST

Hi Erica, Good to talk to you yesterday. Here's a flyer for our Sept. 17 goat meat promotional/education event.I gave your number to a customer/friend that bought a wether and doe from me (wether won GrCh 4H this week)as he met you in Jerome, ID in June. Could you let me know what does/doelings you have for sale?

Anita Wanstrom   scot_wanstrom@q.com
06-26-2011 11:20:00 AM CST
Erica, it was really nice meeting everyone from the Kicking A ranch at the Jerome show yesterday. Thank you so much for all of the trimming help and information you shared with me and my family. Thank you for ultrasounding my two does, good to know they are not bred. Your goats are awesome, It was easy to see why they took first in each class. My first show was the best experience for my family. It was truly a pleasure to meet you.

Shelby   sswells_24@hotmail.com
02-13-2011 7:13:12 PM CST
Hi i was wondering what the birthdays for the 2010 babys are???

bart   beffinger@yahoo.com
06-30-2010 8:31:54 PM CST
Is Nebraska still for sale? If so please contack me I am in Okjlahoma.

Pamela   nv1goodwooman@yahoo.com
01-11-2010 4:22:41 PM CST

Well my dear friend...I am very impressed...doing something you love...I am so happy for you.

10-14-2009 9:09:36 PM CST
The Jack pot will be on the 3rd of July on a Saturday .Lots of fun !

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