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javi   javierbejarano50@gmail.com
05-01-2015 7:15:12 AM CST
Hello, how are you? A year ago one began with the breeding of Boer but I would love to purchase a full blond couple of those championship you have?

04-13-2015 10:15:17 PM CST

Puppies for sale

04-13-2015 10:13:56 PM CST

Thought you'd like to see how your girl is growning !

Jan Sheridan   zipideeay1@gmail.com
03-10-2015 5:13:30 PM CST
Hello Erica, I am looking for a buck kid to buy for breeding of my daughters 4-H goats. She has aged out of 4-H, but we are going to try to keep the goats. Please let me know if you have a buck kid for sale. Thank you. Janet

Kelli Tate   bedrockboergoats@gmail.com
02-16-2015 8:35:37 PM CST
Good Evening! My son is just getting started in the boer goat breeding business. He is interested in purchasing a buck to breed his current stock in hopes of eventually getting a herd of 100% nannies. We would be interested in purchasing from you and wanted to get your thoughts on his venture. Thank you!

01-17-2015 5:28:45 PM CST
That is so nice of you Dora .Yes I remember you .Hope all is well with you and your family !

Dora Beeman   dorabeeman@roadrunner.com
01-15-2015 10:59:14 PM CST
I just looked into the results at the NWSS. I was not surprised to see you and goats mentioned several times. Congrats!! I hope you remember who I am I worked in the Colorado State Fair until 2013. I am in Brunswick, Ohio now and watching my friends do so well. Even at the State Fair. the exhibitors are the people I miss the most.

Mohamed Bedair   shipex_co@yahoo.com
10-24-2014 3:15:16 PM CST
Hi Erica I need 9 female and one male any age

Gena Rose   genadance@gmail.com
10-08-2014 10:30:57 AM CST
Hello Erica, It's Gena the girl who's been trying to set up an appointment to breed my two boar goats. I would like to bring them to you on a Sat. in Oct. What works best for you? Thank you.

08-11-2014 8:13:14 PM CST
I am sorry but I have no idea .Try looking up a company that's does this .

alan EF   alan.filtrana@gmail.com
08-09-2014 8:24:24 AM CST
how much is 4 months old Boers get to Indonesia?

06-28-2014 3:24:56 PM CST
Hi ,Angie I sent you an e mail .could you tell me more about what you want to show please .

Angie   Angiehedges@q.com
06-20-2014 4:38:26 PM CST
We are looking for show quality boers to be shown in October.... Can you help

04-23-2014 4:08:25 PM CST
Chalk Creek Boers have top quality wethers for sale call Tom 801 376 4685 or Carrie 435 901 0782

Rachel Lund   rachel.lund@q.com
04-16-2014 9:06:38 PM CST
Hi, I am looking for a market goat to show at my local fair. I was curious if you had any available that might work for me. Please call 3039151463. Thanks!

04-02-2014 10:36:07 AM CST
Hi , Yes I will be ,I have private messaged you . Thanks

Stephanie   Cinder_bear@yahoo.com
04-02-2014 9:30:37 AM CST
Will you be selling any does or doelings this year?

03-28-2014 5:20:24 PM CST
For those that asked if I have any wethers ,sorry I do not have any .

David   Canjifire@yahoo.com
03-18-2014 10:09:06 PM CST
Please call me or contact me. My daughters are looking for 2014 weathers for 4-H. Buy when will they be ready ?(575)684-2251. Thanks!

Debbie Blanchard   montrosefootwear@aol.com
01-24-2014 3:25:55 PM CST
My husband and I are interested in a Boer Buck. Just checking to see who you have available. Please call 970-531-2438

Erica Ashby   Jen
01-21-2014 6:59:53 PM CST
Hi Jen , Call me and we can talk about it . 970 234 9229

Jennifer Fister   redrockenterprises@hotmail.com
01-20-2014 3:38:26 PM CST
Hi Erica, Hope things are going well for you. I am looking for an internship opportunity with a local goat producer and was checking to see if you may be interested or know someone that might be. I have to log 250 hours but it doesn't have to be all at one ranch pending my professors approval. It doesn't matter what I am doing as long as I am actively involved helping out. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jen Fister

Melissa strasia   MATMEL@q.com
09-25-2013 12:52:59 PM CST
Hi I'm interested in a weather got for the 2014 4 h year. I would need a kid born between Dec and Feb. Please let me know if you have or will have anything available. Thank you.

Melissa strasia   MATMEL@q.com
09-25-2013 12:52:59 PM CST
Hi I'm interested in a weather got for the 2014 4 h year. I would need a kid born between Dec and Feb. Please let me know if you have or will have anything available. Thank you.

Nikol   nkelley@northconejos.com
09-15-2013 10:02:55 AM CST
I am looking to purchase a buck to use this fall. Can you give me some direction on where to find one, or do you have some available?

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